WATCH: How to solve the famous ‘grandfather paradox’ of time travel

If you went back in time and killed your grandfather, would you still be born? Or did you just kill yourself?


The concept of time travel is complicated enough on its own without the possibility of killing a vital relative and negating your own existence. Even for time lords who aren’t particularly interested in testing the limits of their own mortality by offing their teenage dad, things don’t look great, because as this video explains, every time you travel back in time, you’re probably killing off the previous version of yourself.

But if going back in time and killing your grandfather negates your own existence, because how coud you exist if your dad’s dad didn’t, do you just spontaneously vapourise the moment he stops breathing? How is that even possible?

No wait, don’t try to answer this question on your own, MinutePhysics is here to help.

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