Time Walker (1982)

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A university’s newest acqusition is a sealed Egyptian sarcophagus. It is opened to reveal what appears to be a mummy, but is in fact, an extraterrestrial alien who is in suspended animation, and is covered with a dormant fungus. When student Peter Sharpe x-rays the mummy, he finds some crystals that he steals and sells to other students. In order to hide his theft, Peter takes a second x-ray without the crystals, but this new dose of radiation wakes the alien up and reactivates the flesh-eating properties of the fungus. The mummified alien now goes on the hunt for his crystals, which are vital parts of the transortation system he needs to get home.

The Movie

While examining an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, a California archaeologist uses powerful X-rays that somehow manage to animate the mummified body that lies within. This sci-fi horror film depicts the carnage that results when the mummy escapes and begins terrorizing a nearby college campus.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Fantasy
Directed By: Tom Kennedy
In Theaters:  wide
Studio: New World

ROTTEN TOMATOES: Reviews:        TOMATOMETER:  N/R              AUDIENCE SCORE: 27%

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