Time Travel Theory

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Shelly Barclay


Time travel is a concept that has most likely existed ever since man has realized his own mistakes and wished he could change them. Philosophers, physicists and authors popularized it. There are several theories that suggest time travel is possible. There are also basic human activities that prove time travel is possible. However, time travel as it occurs in fiction and time travel that actually moves you backward in time is simply out of our reach, thus far.

There are a few ways that we know time travel is possible, though they are very basic and are only perceptive or based on our definition of time zones. For example, a person on an aircraft is traveling forward in time because of the speed of the craft. They may even move forward in time through time zones. A person who stands on the edge of a time zone, walks through and then walks back is technically going forward and backward in time, but that is not really what is meant by time travel, though it technically fits the definition.

The special theory of relativity is a theory published by Einstein in 1905. In the most simplistic of terms, as it relates to this topic, Einstein postulated that time is relative. In other words, the length and speed of time can change depending on the observer, gravity and speed. Essentially, Einstein was saying that time can change; whereas it was initially thought that time was a fixed thing. Everything spent its time at the same rate. Nothing could change it. It appears now that is incorrect.

Einstein paved way for the idea that speed and gravity can affect age and, basically, how fast a clock ticks. In this way, a person can age faster at high rates of speed. A clock will tick slower depending on position and gravity. In this way, time has changed. These are the very basics of the idea. Any advanced discussion on time travel would be quite complicated to the layman. However, even at is most complicated, Einstein said nothing about moving backward in time. All of his ideas dealt with the concept of moving forward in time, which it is now clear is possible. Of course, we are always moving forward in time, but we are always in the same “present” as well.

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