Think Like Einstein

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by Rick Groleau

Ever since Einstein revealed his special theory of relativity, we’ve known that time travel—at least moving forward through time—is possible. Einstein didn’t pull this theory, or even the notion that time travel is possible, out of thin air. Rather, he took the knowledge of the day, saw an inconsistency—a piece of a puzzle that didn’t fit, so to speak—and thought about possible explanations.

On the following pages you’ll have to think like Einstein. You’ll take a look at the same puzzle and see the problem, and you’ll have to think about the same things Einstein had to think about to resolve the problem. Maybe you’ve heard the recent reports about how physically unique Einstein’s brain was. Don’t panic—you won’t need a superhuman brain to grasp the concepts presented. And when you finish, not only will you understand the special theory, you will have reasoned it out for yourself, just as Einstein did.

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