Television Movies, Shows and Episodes


  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    • “Time is Money”
    • “Sorry Wrong Era”
    • “The Tomorrow Boys”
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
    • The Quest for the Chaos Emeralds mini-series – Robotnik travels through the past to gather the seven four all-powerful Chaos Emeralds.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball
    • “The Countdown”
  • The Adventures of Superman (TV series)
    • “Through the Time Barrier” (season 3) — an eccentric scientist invents a time machine that sends himself, Clark, Lois, Jimmy, Perry and a notorious gangster back to the year 50,000 B.C.
  • The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3
    • “Toddler Terrors of Time Travel”
  • The Adventures of Tintin
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • American Dragon — in an episode where Jake discovers a time traveling device and decides to travel back to June 27, 1986 to tell his teenage Dad the truth about being the American Dragon.
  • American Dad!
  • Andromeda
    • “Under the Night” (season 1) — the Andromeda Ascendant is rediscovered after being trapped on the event horizon of the black hole for three centuries.
    • “Angel Dark, Demon Bright” (season 1) — the crew are brought back in time to the Battle of Witchhead, the last battle of the war with the Nietzscheans.
    • “The Banks of the Lethe” (season 1) — a holographic image of Dylan is sent back 298 years to Sara’s ship, and Harper experiments with teleportation through time.
    • “Ouroboros” (season 2) — Harper tries to cure his infection by building a machine to fold space and time.
    • “The Unconquerable Man” (season 3) — Rhade tries to destroy Harper’s tesseract machine.
    • “The Dark Backward” (season 3) — Trance prunes timelines, attempting to find one with a good outcome.
    • “Point of the Spear” (season 3) — the crew encounter an enemy that is always one step ahead of their plans.
    • “Abridging The Devil’s Divide” (season 4) — Harper is forced to build a time travel device.
  • Angel
    • I Will Remember You” (season 1) — Angel spends a day with Buffy, but makes a deal that takes him back to the beginning of the day.
    • Birthday” (season 3) — on her birthday, Cordelia learns that she will die unless she goes back in time and chooses a different path in life.
    • Time Bomb” (season 5) — Illyria loses control of her powers, causing her to travel randomly in time over a span of several days.
  • Argai: The Prophecy
  • Austin and Ally
  • A.N.T. Farm


  • Babylon 5
    • Babylon Squared” (season 1) — Babylon 4 reappears four years after it first vanished, and is calling for help.
    • War Without End” (season 3) — the fate of Babylon 4 is finally revealed.
  • Beast Wars
  • Being Erica
  • Being Human (season 4) Eve Sands, the daughter of the two main characters George and Nina, travels back through time from 2037 to 2012 to save the world.
  • Ben 10
  • “Gwen 10” (Season 2) – Ben Tennyson back in time, so it does not carry the omnitrix.
  • “Ben 10 000” (Season 3) – Gwendolyn Tennyson appears out of nowhere and kidnaps her clone, Ben follows her into a strange portal as XLR8.
  • “Time Heals” (Season 3) – Gwen goes back in time to prevent the disaster that turned Kevin into a monster.
  • “Blast From the Past(Episode 44)


  • Castle
    • “Time Will Tell” — An agent of a future neo-fascist global government is sent back to kill a researcher, preventing him from developing force field technology that will allow his government to be overthrown. He brings back a copy of a coffee-stained note with information about the researcher on it. During the course of the episode, Castle and Beckett find the original note, and with the aid of another time traveler, apprehend the agent and save the researcher. At the end of the episode, Beckett spills coffee on the original note, establishing a predestination paradox.
  • Charmed
    • That ’70s Episode” (season 1) — Prue, Piper and Phoebe accidentally travel to the past, when Patty was pregnant with Phoebe.
    • Déjà Vu All Over Again” (season 1) — Prue, Piper and Phoebe must stop a time loop caused by Tempus.
    • Morality Bites” (season 2) — after Phoebe gets a vision of burning on the stake in the future, The Charmed Ones travel to the future to prevent it from happening.
    • Pardon My Past” (season 2) — Phoebe travels to the past to save her present self from dying after the cousins of her last generation cast a spell on her past evil self to prevent Phoebe from ever living past 29 in any future generation.
    • All Halliwell’s Eve” (season 3) — Prue, Piper and Phoebe are summoned to the past when their ancestor Charlotte summons them to help her give birth to Melinda, after a gang of evil witches try kidnapping Charlotte to raise Melinda evil when she is born.
    • “All Hell Breaks Loose” (season 3) — Tempus turns back time after Piper is killed.
    • A Knight to Remember” (season 4) — Paige and Leo must rescue Piper and Phoebe, who are trapped in the Dark Ages by Paige’s past self.
    • Paige from the Past” (season 4) — Paige and Leo travel to the past so Paige can finally mourn over the loss of her foster parents and move on.
    • A Witch in Time” (season 5) — Piper goes back in time to prevent a demon of the future from killing her sisters, Paige and Phoebe, but there are consequences and Phoebe must move on after the loss of a loved one.
    • Cat House” (season 5) — Phoebe and Paige travel down memory lane after Piper and Leo go to a marriage counselor.
    • Chris-Crossed” (season 6) — Chris travels to the future to save Wyatt from turning evil.
    • The Legend of Sleepy Hallwell” (season 6) — Phoebe travels to the future via a vision quest to discover that she’s pregnant, Paige is a teacher at Magic School (aka Not!Warts) and Piper has two children.
    • Ordinary Witches” (season 7) — Paige and Kyle travel to the past so Kyle can figure out who killed his parents, and finally move on, but Kyle’s reaction turns out deadly and not as goody goody as Paige expects…
    • Charmageddon” (season 7) — the Avatars turn back time from the perfect society, Utopia, to reality again, after Paige, Phoebe and Piper find out all is not as nice as it seems.
    • Forever Charmed” (season 8) — Piper and Leo travel to the past and the future for guidance on how to defeat Billie and Christy.
  • Continuum (TV series)



  • Early Edition
    • “Hot Time in the Old Town” (season 2) — Gary travels back in time to 1871
    • “Everybody Goes to Rick’s” (season 4) — Gary travels back in time to 1929 to the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in order to try to save someone.
  • Erased
  • Eureka
    • Once in a Lifetime” (season 1) — Someone’s interference with the past is causing disturbances in the space-time continuum.
    • “Founder’s Day” (season 4) — Five characters are accidentally transported to 1947, before Eureka was founded. The season-long arc deals with the present-day consequences of their actions in the past.
  • Extreme Ghostbusters
    • “Ghost Apocalyptic Future” (season 1) — A disturbance in the space-time continuum results in Kylie Griffin switching places with a rebel Ghostbuster from the future, where New York is ruled by a paranormal tyrant called Tempus.


  • The Fairly OddParents
  • Faith (2012 TV series)
  • Family Guy
  • Family Matters
    • “Father Time” (season 8) — Steve Urkel invents a time machine.
    • A Pirate’s Life for Me (season 8) — the time machine is used again.
  • Family Ties
    • “A Keaton Christmas Carol” (season 3) Alex is given a look at his future by the Ghost of Christmas Future.
  • The Fantastic Journey
  • Farscape
    • Kansas” (season 4) — Moya travels to Earth through a wormhole but arrives in 1985 rather than in Crichton’s present.
  • Felicity
  • Fireball XL5
    • “1875” — the crew are transported back to the Wild West
  • Freakazoid!
    • “Freakazoid is History!”
  • Fringe
  • The Flash – There are many flashbacks to the murder of Nora Allen in the first half of season 1.
    • “The Nuclear Man” — Joe enlists Cisco’s help to reinvestigate the murder of Nora Allen. They found photographs of the Flash and the Reverse-Flash fighting that led to Nora Allen’s murder on the back of the mirror in the house that used to be owned by the Allens. Barry’s DNA as an adult was found at the scene to prove time travel was possible.
    • “Fallout” — Martin Stein’s theory to time travel is running at really high speeds can cause time travel.
    • “Out of Time” — In the beginning of the episode “Barry” is running, but he sees himself running besides himself. The Weather Wizard creates a tsunami that is intended to destroy Central City, that lead Barry to run really fast around Central City to create a vortex to stop it. Dr. Harrison Wells confirms his real name is Eobard Thawne and he is the Reverse-Flash, the man who killed Nora Allen through time travel. Instead, Barry travels back in time to the time in the beginning of the episode where he saw himself running besides himself.
  • Futurama
    • Roswell That Ends Well” (season 3) — the Planet Express crew accidentally travel back to 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.
    • The Why of Fry” (season 4) — Fry, at one point in the episode, travels back in time to stop himself being frozen, creating a predestination paradox.
    • The Late Philip J. Fry” (season 6) — The Professor invents a time machine that can only go forward in time.
    • Bender’s Big Score” (direct-to-disc movie)—Scammers are drawn to a tattoo on Fry’s buttocks, which is revealed to contain the binary code for paradox-correcting time travel. The scammers have Bender use the code to steal every valuable object in human history.
    • Decision 3012” (Season 7) — The presidential candidate turns out to be a Time Traveller who came back to stop Nixon and ends up witnessing his own birth.
    • Meanwhile” (Season 7) — The Professor invents a button that takes a person 10 seconds back in time. Fry gets stuck in a Time Loop and then time gets frozen for everyone but Fry and Leela.



  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
    • “Disappearing Act”
    • “The Time Corridor”
    • “The Time Wheel”
  • Hindsight
    • Becca finds herself thinking about her former best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg), with whom she had a falling out many years ago. If only she could talk to her once again… Suddenly, after a freakish elevator ride, Becca gets the opportunity to do just that as she wakes up in New York City on the morning of her first wedding day in 1995. Can she ‘make it right’ by living her life all over while re-adapting to life in New York City in the 90’s – a time of smoking in bars, carrying pagers, having an AOL email address?
  • Hannah Montana
    • The Way We Almost Weren’t
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
    • “Back to the Present” (Season 2)
    • “Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs” (Season 3)
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
    • The End of the Beginning (Season 3) — Autolycus steals the Chronos stone and, with Hercules, accidentally goes back in time five years, during which the Chronos stone is broken. They must now find the current Chronos stone and go back to their time.
    • “Armageddon Now I & II” (Season 4) — Hope helps Callisto go back in time to stop Hercules from being born. Iolaus gets help from Ares to stop her.
    • “Once Upon a Future King” (Season 5) — Arthur of Camelot, who is an evil man, is sent back to Hercules’ time to learn better ways.
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show
    • “Honey, They Call Me The Space Cowboy” (season 1) — The family goes back to 1864 to view a comet, but end up helping an alien recover his spaceship from thieves.
    • “Honey, Name That Tune” (season 3) — Determined to prove the existence of a band called The Bopkas, Wayne Szalinski travels back in time to 1963 – only to discover that The Bopkas are not what they seem.


  • The Creature and the Cavegirl.







  • Painkiller Jane
  • Palace (TV series)
    • “Playback” (season 1) — the team encounters a Neuro who can reset time to the beginning of the day.
  • Pinky and the Brain
    • “Brain of the Future” (season 2) — the mice meet their future selves.
  • Pokémon (anime)
    • Celebi: Voice of the Forest” (TV Movie) — Sam travels through time via Celebi.
    • “Me, Myself and Time” (Season 7) — Calista travels through time via Baltoy and an alter and meets her younger self.
    • “Time Warp Heals All Wounds” (Season 9) — May travels back in time via Edna’s locket.
    • “Arceus and the Jewel of Life” (TV Movie) — Ash, Dawn, Brock, and Sheena travel through time via Dialga.
    • “Celebi and Joy” (Pokémon Chronicles) — Ritchie travels through time via Celebi.
    • “A Restoration Confrontation!” (Season 15) — Ferris travels through time to the far distant past via a portal.
    • “Rotom’s Wish!” (season 18) — Ash, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie travel through time via Rotom and an elevator.
  • Port Charles: Frank Scanlon time travels from 2001 to 1973 to destroy a computer to prevent himself from communicating with Rhonda Wexler across time, and restoring the life of Karen Wexler, who was erased from existence.
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • Power Rangers Time Force A mutant criminal escapes from the year 3000 and travels back to 2001
  • Producing Parker The season 2 finale, “The Parker Prophecies”, mainly involves a time-machine.
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Primeval
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
    • It is revealed in Episode 10 “I Won’t Rely On Anyone Anymore” that Akemi Homura uses time magic and has been going through multiple timelines to undo the events in the series. Her time travelling also affects other plot points such as Kaname Madoka’s huge karmic potential.


Quantum Leap


  • The Real Ghostbusters
    • “Xmas Marks the Spot” (season 1)—On Christmas Eve, the Ghostbusters unknowingly stumble through a portal to the past and into 19th-century Britain, where they run into Ebenezer Scrooge and capture the three Ghosts of Christmas.
    • “The Halloween Door” (season 5) — after defeating the demon Boogaloo the Ghostbusters were sent back to right before it appeared.
    • “It’s About Time” (season 5) — after an accident involving a ghost trap the Ghostbusters were sent back to 1959 and had to avoid messing up the time line since the accident that brought them through was allowing ghosts from their to go back as well
  • Red Dwarf
    • “Future Echoes” (series 1) — the crew of the Red Dwarf see echoes of their future.
    • “Stasis Leak” (series 2) — a leak in stasis has preserved a portal to the past.
    • “Backwards” (series 3) — the crew of Red dwarf fly through a time hole which transports them to a version of earth where time runs backwards.
    • “Timeslides” (series 3) — a mutation in photographic development fluids allows time travel within the frame of the photograph.
    • “White Hole” (series 4) — when Red Dwarf gets too close to a white hole, time ceases to proceed linearly.
    • “The Inquisitor” (series 5) — Kryten and Lister steal the time-travel glove from an android about to erase them from history.
    • “Out Of Time” (series 6) — after the Red Dwarf crew finds a time-travel drive, their future selves soon appear.
    • “Tikka to Ride” (series 7) — the Red Dwarf crew goes back in time and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, with disastrous results.
    • “Ouroboros” (series 7) — after realizing who his parents are, Lister has to use time-travel to avoid a paradox.
    • “Pete Part 1” and “Pete Part 2” (series 8) — on a Canary mission, the Red Dwarf crew discover a time wand that allows them to control the flow of time.
    • “Lemons” (series 10) — The Dwarfers attempt to construct a rejuvenation shower but it sends them back in time to 23 AD, where they meet a man called Jesus.
  • Red vs. Blue
    • “Same Old, Same Old” (Season 5) — Wyoming uses his ability to loop time, gained from his AI implantation process, which is only noticed by some characters but not others.
  • Re:Zero
  • Road Rovers
  • The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
  • Roswell
    • “The End of the World” (season 2) — a future version of Max appears and tells Liz that she must make his current self stop loving her.


  • Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
  • Sailor Moon
  • Sanctuary
  • Scarlet Heart
  • seaQuest DSV
    • “Playtime” (season 2) — the crew of the seaQuest travel over two centuries into the future, to where mankind is on the brink of extinction.
    • “Second Chance” (season 3) — the crew of the seaQuest are rocketed back in time to 1962 and into the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Snuff Box
  • The Simpsons
    • Treehouse of Horror V” (season 6) — Homer accidentally creates a time machine and repeatedly changes the past.
    • Simpsorama” (season 26) — A The Simpsons and Futurama crossover, where the Planet Express Crew tries to get rid of creatures Bart created by trying to change history, but has to resort to a different method to get rid of the “Bart” creatures.
  • Sliders
    • “As Time Goes By” (season 2) — the sliders arrive on an earth in which time moves differently, appearing to move backwards from their perspective.
    • “The Guardian” (season 3) — the sliders are on a world in which time is moving slightly slower, thus arriving twelve years before their own time.
  • Smallville
    • In the 100th episode, Clark Kent travels back in time (a day earlier) to save someone close to him.
    • “Veritas” and “Apocalypse” (season 7), Brainiac and Kara travels back in time to Kryton, later Clark show up.
    • “Infamous” (season 8), Clark travels back in time to stop Linda Lake.
    • In the season 8 finale and the season 9 premiere, Lois Lane accidentally travels a year into the future.
    • In several episodes, a group of superheroes from the 31st century travel to the present.
    • “Homecoming” (season 10), Brainiac 5 takes Clark on a journey to his past and his future.
    • “Booster” (season 10), Booster Gold travel from the 31st century to the present.
  • The Smurfs
    • The final season consists mostly of the Smurfs traveling to various periods in the past.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Space: 1999
  • Space Precinct
    • “Time To Kill”
  • Steins;Gate
  • Strange Days at Blake Holsey High (aka Black Hole High)
  • The Suite Life on Deck
    • “International Dateline”
  • Supernatural
    • “Mystery Spot” (season 3) — Sam gets trapped in a time loop and sees his brother die repeatedly in different ways.
    • “In the Beginning” (season 4) — Dean is sent back in time by Castiel to investigate events concerning his parents as teenagers.
    • “The End” (season 5) — Dean is sent five years into the future to view its events.
    • “The Song Remains the Same” (season 5) — Sam and Dean go back in time to 1978 with help from Castiel.
    • “Frontierland” (season 6) — Sam and Dean travel to the 1800s and meet Samuel Colt.
    • “Time After Time” (season 7) — Dean is sent to 1944 by Chronos and meets Eliot Ness.
    • “The Vessel” (season 11) — Dean is sent back in time to find the Hand of God.
  • Superman: The Animated Series

Star Trek

  • Star Trek: The Original Series
    • The Naked Time” (season 1) — a strange virus infects the crew of the Enterprise, severely affecting their minds, leading to a crew member deactivating the warp engines. They are emergency restarted and the ship goes back in time by three days.
    • Tomorrow Is Yesterday” (season 1) — the crew of the Enterprise travels back to 1960s Earth, and must correct damage they caused to the timeline. The initially accidental means of time travel seen in this episode becomes an established method in the Star Trek canon, and is used again in the episode “Assignment: Earth” and the feature film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
    • The City on the Edge of Forever” (season 1) — the crew of the Enterprise discover a portal through space and time, which leads to McCoy accidentally altering history.
    • Assignment: Earth” (season 2) — time-warping back to Earth of the 1960s, the crew of the Enterprise encounters an intergalactic superspy, who tries to interfere with 20th-century events.
    • All Our Yesterdays” (season 3) — the crew of the Enterprise are trapped inside a time portal on a world threatened by a supernova.
    • Spectre of the Gun” (season 3)— Kirk, Spock and other members of the Enterprise’s landing party are trapped in a mental illusion and made to believe they have been transported back to the 1881 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and forced to take part in the famously bloody Western shootout.
  • Star Trek: The Animated Series
    • Yesteryear” (season 1) – Spock must use the Guardian of Forever to return to his childhood on Vulcan and save his younger self’s life, and consequentially, his parent’s marriage and his mother’s life.
    • The Jihad” (season 1) – Kirk and Spock leave the Enterprise for a lengthy mission and find themselves returned upon its completion to the exact moment of their departure.
    • The Counter-Clock Incident” (season 2) – The Enterprise finds itself drawn into a parallel universe where time flows backward.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • We’ll Always Have Paris” (season 1) – a rip in the fabric of time causes moments in time to “replay” themselves.
    • Time Squared” (season 2) – a second Captain Picard arrives from the near future.
    • Yesterday’s Enterprise” (season 3) — the appearance of the predecessor of the current Enterprise leads to an alternate time-line.
    • A Matter of Time” (season 5) — a historian arrives from 300 years in the future to study an unspecified event.
    • Cause and Effect” (season 5) — the Enterprise becomes stuck in a time loop and is repeatedly destroyed.
    • Time’s Arrow (parts 1 and 2)” (seasons 5 and 6) — Data is time-warped back to San Francisco of the 19th century.
    • Tapestry” (season 6) — Q interferes with Picard’s death, allowing him to re-live parts of his life.
    • Timescape” (season 6) — pockets of temporal distortions allow the crew to prevent a disaster.
    • Parallels” (season 7) — while returning from a Bat’leth tournament, Worf experiences a series of alternate timeline shifts after which he finds himself back in his time line at the exact moment of initial devience
    • Firstborn” (season 7) — a mysterious Klingon tries to inspire Alexander to show an interest in Klingon ways.
    • All Good Things…” (season 7) — Hugo Award-winning final episode.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    • Past Tense” (season 3) — a transporter accident sends Sisko, Bashir and Dax three centuries into Earth’s dark past.
    • Visionary” (season 3) — exposed to radiation, an unknown catalyst causes O’Brien to make several brief jumps hours into the future as DS9 hosts Romulan and Klingon delegations.
    • The Visitor” (season 4) — an elderly Jake Sisko relates the story of how he lost his father.
    • Little Green Men” (season 4) — Quark, Rom and Nog are accidentally thrust back in time to Roswell, New Mexico, Earth in 1947.
    • Accession” (season 4) — a legendary Bajoran appears from the wormhole after more than 200 years and brings back ancient traditions as he assumes the role of Emissary from Sisko.
    • Trials and Tribble-ations” (season 5) — the crew travel back to the time of James T. Kirk.
    • Children of Time” (season 5) — an accident causes the crew to meet their own descendants – and presents them with an ethical dilemma.
    • Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night” (season 6) — when Dukat reveals to Kira her mother did not die when she was three, but was actually his lover, Kira goes into the past using the Bajoran Orb of Time to find the truth.
    • Time’s Orphan” (season 6) — Little Molly O’Brien disappears in a vortex and later emerges as an almost-feral 18-year-old woman.
  • Star Trek: Voyager
    • Parallax” (season 1) — Voyager is trapped in a black hole’s event horizon.
    • Time and Again” (season 1) — Captain Kathryn Janeway goes back in time one day before an alien city is annihilated.
    • Eye of the Needle” (season 1) — a micro-wormhole is discovered that leads to the Alpha Quadrant.
    • Non Sequitur” — Ensign Harry Kim finds himself in an alternate time line in which he was never on Voyager and is able to get back where he belongs at the exact moment the shift had occurred
    • Death Wish” (season 2) — the crew encounter a member of the Q Continuum seeking to end his immortal life.
    • Future’s End” (season 3) — a 29th-century timeship causes a time paradox when it accidentally sends itself and Voyager to two periods in 20th-century Earth.
    • Coda” (season 3) — Janeway appears to be trapped in a time-loop with different events, but all ending in her death.
    • Before and After” (season 3) — Kes experiences her life backwards.
    • Year of Hell” (season 4) — Voyager creates a new Astrometrics Lab, which maps a new course that brings them into contact with a Krenim temporal ship.
    • Timeless” (season 5) — an older Chakotay and Harry Kim communicate back in time to prevent Voyager from crash-landing on an ice planet.
    • Gravity” (season 5) — Tuvok and Paris crash on a planet stuck in a pocket of deep space, where they meet a female named Noss.
    • Relativity” (season 5) — Captain Braxton recruits Seven of Nine to stop Voyager from being sabotaged.
    • Blink of an Eye” (season 6) — Voyager is caught in orbit of a planet with a space-time differential.
    • Fury” (season 6) — a much older and more powerful Kes returns to Voyager.
    • Shattered” (season 7) — Voyager is fractured into several time periods with only Chakotay able to move between them.
    • Endgame” (season 7) — Admiral Janeway tries to shorten Voyager’s trip home.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise
    • A subplot throughout the series involved a Temporal Cold War wherein factions from the 30th century tried to disrupt history. Related to this arc, several episodes involved Captain Archer being sent into the future, and in the two-part episode “Storm Front” (season 4) the Enterprise itself is sent back to the Second World War era.
    • Twilight” (season 3) — Archer is infected by subspace parasites, making him unable to lead the Enterprise and prevent the Xindi weapon from destroying Earth.
    • ” (season 3) — a temporal anomaly sends the Enterprise crew back in time more than a century.
    • In a Mirror, Darkly” (season 4) — a deserted starship from the TOS era travels back in time and crosses into the Mirror Universe.


  • Stargate SG-1
    • 1969” (season 2 episode 21) — A solar flare occurring during SG-1’s travel through the stargate sends the team back in time to 1969.
    • Window of Opportunity” (season 4) — After an encounter with an Ancient time device, Colonel O’Neill and Teal’c get trapped in a time loop that only they know about.
    • 2010” (season 4 episode 16) — SG-1 sends a note through the stargate to the year 2000 in an attempt to prevent Earth from meeting with a malevolent race.
    • It’s Good to Be King (Stargate SG-1)” (season 8 episode 13) — SG-1 finds that Harry Maybourne has become king on a planet with writings by a time-traveling Ancient that prophecy their current battle with the Goa’uld Ares.
    • Moebius” (parts 1 & 2) (season 8 Episode 21/22 ) — The team uses the time-traveling Puddle Jumper (Stargate) to go back to ancient Egypt to recover a Zero Point Module (ZPM).
  • Stargate Atlantis
    • Before I Sleep” (season 1) — While exploring Atlantis, the team stumbles upon a stasis unit holding a very old woman. She claims to be Dr. Weir, and the DNA scans confirm it. But how can that be?
    • The Last Man” (season 4) — John Sheppard is sent 48000 years into the future and stranded in the abandoned city of Atlantis.
  • Stargate Universe
    • Time” (season 1) — The crew of Destiny finds a kino from the future that predicts their death from a virulent disease.
    • Twin Destinies” (season 2) — The crew of Destiny attempt to dial Earth from inside a star, but a Dr. Rush from the future warns them that they will all die in the process.
  • Static Shock


The Twilight Zone



  • War of the Worlds
    • “Time To Reap” (season 2) — Malzor uses a rare opportunity to go back into the aftermath of the 1953 invasion to inoculate his dying brethren.
  • Warehouse 13
  • Weird Science
    • “Universal Remote” (season 1) — Gary is given a universal remote control by Lisa that allows him to pause and fast-forward through time.
    • “By the Time We Got to Woodstock” (season 4) — Stranded in 1969, Gary and Wyatt try to get to the Woodstock festival to find Lisa, while Chett tries to prevent the downfall of Richard Nixon.
  • Wild Kratts


  • The X-Files
    • Synchrony” (season 4) — Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigate murders by an old man with uncanny knowledge of the future.
    • Triangle” (season 6) — Mulder is caught aboard a ship in the Bermuda Triangle, where it is still 1939.
    • Monday” (season 6) — Mulder is stuck in a time loop while trying to prevent a bank from exploding.
    • Redrum” (season 8) — A man lives the most recent 5 days of his life backwards and finds out that he is the main suspect in the murder of his wife.
  • Xiaolin Showdown
    • “Time After Time” (Season 3) — Omi travels back in time to prevent Hannibal Roy Bean from bringing Chase Young to the Heylin side.
  • X-Men the Animated Series
    • Days of Future Past” (Season 1) — Bishop travels back from the future to stop the assassination of Senator Kelly.
    • “Time Fugitives” (Season 2) — Bishop travels back again to help the X-Men stop a plague. Cable travels back to stop Bishop and save his own future.
    • “One Man’s Worth” (Season 4) — Fitzroy and Bantam travel back in time to assassinate a young Professor X. Bishop and Shard travel back to stop them.
    • “Beyond Good and Evil” (Season 4) — Apocalypse steals Cable’s time device and travels to the Axis of Time. Cable steals a government time machine and travels back to stop him.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess




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