Proof Of Time Travel! UK Government Send Man To Year 2365 in Secret Mission!

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The MYSTERIOUS guy, who states he is a previous employee of the UK Government, visited the year 2365 by time travel.

This was right after getting an offer of €200.000 by Whitehall to discover regarding the future and how they can make it significantly better.

In a video, the person says he is an employee at the UK Federal government for many of his life, as well as registered to test future enhanced technologies.

Commenting upon why this individual chose to participate in the tests, he stated: “They provided to pay me personally over €200.000 to consider the job, therefore I thought it was great for my family.”

He mentioned the Federal government will not entirely understand how time travel functions. However, insisted these people employ the actual technique to carry out a vital investigation.

He stated: “People within the Federal government are not exactly certain how stuff works; paradoxes could happen.

“I can explain to you for an undeniable fact that time travel exists within factions of the UK Federal government.”

The time traveler claimed this individual spawned along with a skyscraper in an unidentified city back in 2365. He witnessed a number of futuristic settings of transportation, including traveling cars as well as buses.

“There were busses and vehicles, and I recall seeing a lot higher type of air traffic, such as airplanes.

“I recall getting a few unusual looks by people inside the cars which were checking me out.”

The intended time traveler additionally noted the actual buildings were oblique and far taller compared to our present skyscrapers.

He included: “They were very high, much higher than you might see within New York or even Los Angeles.”

The guy throughout his 6-day visit met several life forms.

He stated: “I recall seeing robots, people and what seemed to be aliens.”

“ don’t recognize if they were biologically altered humans or even if these people were aliens. However, I recall seeing unusual creatures along with big eyes plus almond-shaped heads.

“There were furthermore really normal looking humans which you would believe were any kind of average joes. However, they were putting on very unusual clothing.”

In a surprising revelation, he mentioned the humans are not surprised if he told them he was from the 2000s.

He additionally says that he uncovered time travel is going to be widely presented in the future.

Explaining his general encounter, he came to the conclusion: “Those 6 days back in 2365 were one of the most unforgettable of my entire life. I had an incredible time.”

Nevertheless, numerous viewers wondered about the quality of the statements, with a stating: “People in hovering cars giving you weird looks.

“Yes, completely normal. Very little to see right here. Move along.”

An additional commentator laughed at the producers’ decision in order to travel to Russia for that video, saying: “You traveled right up to Russia for this?

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