‘Future Man’ Makes ‘Doctor Who’ Time Travel Look Weak AF

Remember in Back to the Future when Marty McFly goes back in time and meets his own parents when they’re around his age? Josh does the same thing. Because the time travel device (TTD) in Future Man locks to geographic locations, transporting the user through time, we see Josh’s family home during several different decades. In one particular adventure, it’s at the house party whe his parents first met.

What ensues is truly insane in ways I won’t spoil here, but after Josh somewhat stupidly says his name is “Joosh” — because he’s afraid to use his real name — his parents wind up naming their son Joosh instead. So when “Josh” returns to the present day, everyone calls him Joosh. Come to find out:

There’s a Josh doppelganger in that timeline that locked his parents away in a home and pimped out the family house with all sorts of high-tech gadgets after he became a wildly successful pro gamer. Up to this point, most changes to the timeline were subtle and insignificant — a boss gets a personality shift and demotion in the present — but this? Josh’s whole existence is erased.


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