Cyborg 2087 (1966)

Man from Tomorrow (Alternative Title)

In 1966, Professor Marx discovers a means of controlling human beings by radio telepathy. By the year 2087, Professor Marx’s discovery has been used by evil men to create Cyborgs, automatons having human form. A few Cyborgs who have achieved mental freedom send Garth, one of their kind, back in time to 1966, shortly before the professor is to make known his discovery. Garth’s mission is to persuade Marx to keep secret his discovery. Pursued by two “Tracers” who have been sent by the evil men to kill him, Garth convinces Sharon, the professor’s assistant, that she must help him to remove a mechanical device from his body, thus making finding him more difficult. She summons a friend, Dr. Zeller, who successfully performs the operation. Garth and Dr. Zeller then attempt to electrocute the Tracers; and, failing to destroy them, Garth escapes to a nearby ghost town. By controlling Sharon’s mind, Garth induces her to bring the professor to him. He then overcomes the Tracers, and he and the professor depart for the future. Marx sees the uses to which his discovery will be made, and he decides to guard his secret. Sharon and Dr. Zeller discover they are in love, and life goes on as if there had been no Cyborgs.

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The Movie:

A low-budget sci-fi feature concerning a cyborg law enforcement officer, who travels back in time to prevent a scientist from completing his experiments in radio telepathy, which if successful will alter the future and create an elitist regime who will have dominion over all Mankind.

Rating: NR
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Written By: Arthur C. Pierce
In Theaters:  limited
Studio: Features

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