Cosmic Time Travel: A Scientific Odyssey

By Barry Parker, Ph.D.

In this text, science writer Barry Parker takes on one of the most fascinating and fantastical aspects of modern quantum theory – time travel. From the stuff of fiction to Einstein’s theory of relativity and Hawking’s view of the universe, time travel has captured modern man’s excitement and been as much talked about as space travel.

The author discusses whether time travel is scientifically possible. He examines “the history of the development of general relativity, the conceptof curved space-time and the early evolution of the universe. The remainder of the book [seeks to] explain the problems that arise when we attempt to turntheoretical holes in space-time into time machines.”(N Y Times Book Review)

  • Genre: Science
  • Pages: 320
  • Author: Barry R. PARKER
  • ISBN: 0306439662
  • Publisher: Basic Books

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