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Time Travel is Not Just a Concept of Science Fiction Anymore

While it may seem a little hard to believe by the average man on the street, time travel is a part of reality today. Although not exactly occurring at the level of human beings, at the scale of microparticles, it is a certainty.

The plutonium-fueled DeLorean can skip to the distant past or the unforeseen future. Scientists have constructed a time machine of sorts. The very thought is mindboggling.

They are however trying to make it more efficacious. Einstein’s theory explicates the fact that time is a relative concept. It is entirely dependent on the speed of the object.

Most research work on time travel has taken Einstein’s discoveries as the starting point for further efforts. The faster the movement of an object, the slower time becomes a feature of this universe.

According to scientists, the only thing needed for time travel to actually take place is a huge rocket with lots of fuel. It is not a time machine as mentioned in H.G. Wells’ famous novel.

Astronauts aboard the ISS are moving faster than individuals on our planet. Thus they do not age as quickly as the denizens of the earth.

Gennady Padalka was an astronaut who stayed in space for a record-breaking 879 days. When he came back home from space, he discovered to his surprise that the global village was 1/44th of a second ahead of him.

If something comes close to a time machine today, it is the Large Hadron Collider. This machine makes protons move at incredible speeds. They thus slow down relative to the human observers.

These protons surprisingly end up in the future. The ultimate end of all this research, of course, is to send human beings through the folds of time, both backward and forwards. That will take time though since it is not as easy as dealing with subatomic particles.


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